007295a aka007343 CK Castleview Apartment sign
007295b aka007477 CK front view of Castleview apartments
007295c aka007475 CK corner view of Castleview Apartments w castle tower
007295d aka007323 CK our rooms circled Castleview Apartment 1st floor
007296 CK Castleview Apartments BR 1
007297 CK Castleview Apartments welcome baskets
007298 CK Castleview Apartments living room
007299 CK Castleview Apartments BR 2
007300 CK Castleview Apartments Jen in living room
007301 CK view from living room window
007301a aka007291_007295 CK panorama view from window
007303 CK one of many town gates photographer delight
007306 CK city gate and cobblestone streets
007307 CK castle from garden area
007308 CK castle through gate
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